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Company Profile

It has been 17 years since we entered the world of web marketing. We have achieved success in a variety of businesses, including importing, advertising management, and e-commerce.

What we insist on above all else is to deliver the real thing. In the Omi Province where we are based, there is an old saying that has been handed down from generation to generation, “Sanpo-yoshi.

By delivering genuine products and genuine value to the world, we aim to continue to be a company that satisfies not only ourselves, but also our business partners and purchasers, so that all three parties are satisfied.

Our Business Description

We specialize in web marketing and currently provide support services for projects on Japanese crowdfunding platforms, mainly to introduce attractive products from overseas to a large number of Japanese consumers and get their projects off the ground.

We also provide support and advertising management services for selling products from overseas manufacturers on Japanese e-commerce platforms such as, Rakuten Ichiba, and Yahoo shopping.

Yusuke Hata ー CEO.

Message From CEO

I entered the Internet business for the first time in 2007, and over the past 17 years of business experience, I have learned a great deal.

As a venture business owner, I have gradually come to realize that it is not only about making money for myself, but also about making everyone involved in the business happy, including consumers, business partners, and employees.

To promote crowdfunding in Japan, we are currently focusing on researching excellent products from overseas and promoting them in the Japanese market, which boasts the third largest GDP in the world.

For those of you visiting this page for the first time, today could be the day that we launch a major business together.

An unforeseen, small opportunity can lead to a lifelong partnership. There is nothing more fun and exciting in business.

We look forward to working together and enhancing each other’s business in the Japanese market.7

Our Team Achievements


Makuake is the largest crowdfunding platform in Japan, which is made in 2013. More than 8,000 projects have been launched and the number of its members reaches 750 thousands! Why don’t you promote your product in this most major crowdfunding platform to boost your branding?


GREEN FUNDING is a crowdfunding platform owned by TSUTAYA group, which is the large Japanese enterprise. The average funding per project is 3400 thousands yen. (around USD 34 thousands) If we promote products on this platform, they pick up all of the products on the renowned magazine of “Engadget JAPAN


CAMPFIRE is also the most largest crowdfunding platform in Japan, where over 25,000 projects have been launched. Campfire is open for the second crowdfunding project after the first project in another platform. We often promote products firstly on Makuake or GREENFUNDING and then do that on CAMPFIRE.

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